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Our Lucid Dreaming Program can be done on an appointment by appointment basis or in packages of one, two or three month sessions for a more intensive experience.

Lucid Dreaming is about mastering the techniques and principles necessary to achieve a lucid dream state on demand, or simply by intention. To intentionally create a lucid dream, one opens themselves up to an amazing adventure in an alternate reality each night while asleep.

Lucid Dreaming is a direct line to the subconscious mind and reveals the incredible power that lies in our minds. Lucid dreaming is a training ground for real life as well as a door to unlimited creativity. Lucid dreaming can enhance the human race by unlocking the solutions to problems that can only be solved by thinking "outside the box". It creates a natural high and prompts us to question the very nature of reality. It also creates an avenue for expression, freedom and escapism.

The longer Lucid Dreaming programs take a systematic approach consisting of initial training in techniques, then weekly assignments and progress checks for the individual including dream journaling.

The program consists of weekly appointment times in the office or via Skype or phone once a week, for one of the following time periods: four, eight or twelve sessions.

The extended time frames allow for progress and tracking of goals and achievements.

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