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Our hypnotherapy sessions can utilize a combination of hypnotherapy, nlp , timeline therapy, meditation, and positive psychology , depending on what is needed.

Hypnotherapy is a proven treatment that has helped people to transform their lives and behavior patterns . Keep in mind, however, that a hypnotherapist is not a medical doctor and for medical situations, the hypnotherapist requires a referral

from your medical doctor to treat any medical illnesses.


Custom Digital Hypnosis is a completely personalized set of hypnosis recordings for your particular treatment. This is a great way for people who don't live in close proximity to our office to get the benefits of a hypnotherapy treatment plan without having to come in physically to our office.

We also offer our Hypnotherapy, Success or Personal Coaching Program remotely as well. Sessions can be done by Skype or phone and we can track all of your progress.

Hypnotherapy is helpful in almost every life situation and besides the most common catagories such as weight loss, quitting smoking , stress reduction, pain control, improving test scores, overcoming negative or limiting beliefs and overcoming fears and phobias, hypnotherapy can also help with the following:


Discover Abundance

Ease Acid Reflux

Overcome ADD and ADHD

Reverse Aging

Control Alcohol

Allergy Relief

Letting Go of Anger

Overcome Anorexia

Perfect Audition


Stop Bedwetting

Stop Binge Drinking

Stop Binge Eating

Lower Blood Pressure

Improve Body Image

Overcome fear of Break-Ins/Burglaries

Breast Enlargement

Discover the Art of Breathing

Overcome Bulimia


Pain Control for Cancer Patients

Stop Eating Carbs


Stop Chewing Tobacco

Natural Childbirth

End Chocolate Addiction

Lower Cholesterol

Choosing your Battles Wisely


Overcome fear of Clowns

Overcome Co-Dependence

Control Coffee Intake

Overcome fear of Commitment

Improve Computer Sessions

Concentration and Focus

Unlimited Confidence

Unlimited Creativity


Overcome fear of Darkness

Dating Confidence

Rapid Decision Making

Overcome fear of Dental Procedures

Ease Depression

Cope with Divorce (Adults)

Cope with Divorce (Children)

Overcome fear of Dogs

Avoid being a Drama Magnet

Achieve Getting your Driver's License

Overcome fear of Driving on Bridges

Overcome fear of Driving on Freeways

Overcome Deep Vein Thrombosis

Improve Dyslexia


Overcome fear of Elevators

Increase Energy

Love to Exercise

Improve Eyesight


Overcome fear of Failure

Remain Faithful

Overcome fear of Falling

Fertility for Pregnancy

Overcome fear of Flying

Food as Fuel

Master a Foreign Language

Forget them NOW!

Forgive that Person

Overcome fear of Frogs


Improve Gag Reflex

Overcome Gambling Addiction

Winning Golf

Better Grades

Overcome Grief


Unwanted Hair Growth

Hair Re-Growth

Overcome fear of Heights

Appreciate the Here and Now

Control Herpes

Control Hives

Ease Holiday Stress

Overcome fear of Horses

Ease New House Stress

Discover the Joy of Housework

Overcome Hypochondria

Stop Hot Flashes


Control IBS

Immune System Booster

Overcome Impotency

Improve the World Around You

Reconnect with your Inner Child

Perfect Interview

Overcome fear of Intimacy


Overcome Jealousy

Find your Perfect Job

Improve Joint Health


Kegel Exercises

Kundalini Activation


Life Balance

Listen to your Body

Listen to your Dreams

Better Listener

Love Magnet Men

Love Magnet Women

Master Lucid Dreaming

Stop Compulsive Lying



Better Memory

Dealing with Menopause

Increase Metabolism

Easy Cramp-Free Menstrual Cycle

Overcome Migraines

Ease Morning Sickness

Unlimited Motivation

Increase Muscle Mass


Nurture & Empower your Unborn Child

Nurture & Empower your Child

Nurture & Empower your Newborn

Nurture & Empower your Teen

Nurture & Empower your Toddler

Nurture & Empower your Tween

Stop Nail Biting

Overcome fear of Needles

Master the Art of Negotiation

Handle a New Person in Your Life


Overcome OAB

Overcome OCD

Get Organized!

Discover the Peaceful Outdoors

Get Over a Lover

Avoid Overanalyzing


Pain Management

Freedom from Panic Attacks

Discover your Passion

Inner Peace for Men

Inner Peace for Women

Living on a Peaceful Green Planet

Discover Penis Enlargement

Performance Anxiety (for actors)

Performance Anxiety (for musicians)

Learn/Improve to Play the Piano

A New Positive Attitude

Maintain Good Posture

Power Nap

Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Eliminate Procrastination

Overcome PTSD

Overcome fear of Public Speaking


Radiant Health

Speed Reading

Overcome fear of Rejection


Achieve your Resolutions

Overcome fear of Roaches

Overcome Road Rage

Running/Jogging a Marathon


Sales Mastery

Increase Self Esteem

Master Self Hypnosis

Improve Sex Drive

Stop Sexual Compulsion

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy

Overcome Shame

Beautiful Skin


Stop Smoking

Overcome fear of Snakes

Stop Snoring

Master Social Finesse

Increase Speed and Agility

Control Spending

Overcome fear of Spiders

Stress Relief

Stop Stuttering

Overcome fear of Success

Stop Sugar Addiction

Be Calm Before Surgery

Post-Surgical Healing


Stop Teeth Clenching

Stop Teeth Grinding

Dealing with a Terminal Illness

Eliminate Night Terrors

Improve Test-Taking

Power Trading


Creative Visualization


Discover the Power of Water

Unlimited Wealth

Eliminate Wedding Stress

Weight Loss

Overcome Writer's Block


Be Young at Heart

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