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Testimonials Cindy Grancourt Santa Barbara




Clinical Hypnotherapist

Las Vegas, NV.

Cindy is an all-around awesome person and amazing coach. I highly suggest you seek her coaching and hypnotherapy services, as you will receive the highest amount of integrity and communication. If you want to reach your true potential and discover your dreams, I highly suggest you work with Cindy.


Medical Director, The G Spa

Santa Barbara, CA

I have worked with Cindy in a variety of settings over the past few years. She is a consummate problem solver and has almost an innate ability to analyze the psychodynamic underpinnings of any situation. This allows her to quickly cut through needless interference and get on with making things better. She lives and breathes positivity.

Who wouldn't want a coach like that?


Fitness professional, and Yoga instructor, Spectrum Athletic Club & Prison Yoga Project

Santa Barbara, CA

Cindy is a seasoned veteran hypnotherapist and I have benefited directly in working with her. She is highly trained and well versed in meditation practice and relaxation techniques, and is a consummate professional. Most importantly to me, she exudes the personal confidence and lifestyle consistent with a highly integrated human being, which is what she's driven to help others to do for themselves. She 'walks the talk'. I deeply admire that in a person I choose to follow, and I follow Cindy to my greater success without hesitation.


Medical Spa Manager, The G Spa

Santa Barbara, CA.

I have worked with Cindy for more than 3 years. She helped me gain my confidence as an office manager with consistent and positive feedback and encouragement. She is a woman of integrity and demonstrates her generosity and compassion for others. She has been my inspiration!


Managing Partner, 314 Inc.

Denver, CO.

If you are looking to make genuine and lasting change in any area of your life, I would highly recommend that you work with Cindy. Her approach is incredible and you feel different the moment you start working with her. She has that powerful and rare combination of insight, passion, intelligence and caring that will help you to create your most powerful, energized and authentic self.

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